Posted by: boy1ders | 10/28/2009


Hello, everyone! I am the second half of the dynamic duo of bloggers. My name is Robert, and I live in Gardena, California. Like Erin, I also have a physical disability (cerebral palsy), but it hasn’t really stopped me from living my life. I’m a free-lance writer for a couple of newspapers in the Los Angeles area, so writing is something that comes natural to me.

I have a lot to blog about.  The last three years of my life have been amazing to say the least, topping everything off with meeting the most wonderful young lady in the world. Looking back on the life that I have lived so far, I can honestly say that it hasn’t been a bad ride. Anyway, I rather not give too much information away in the introduction, but I assure you that this blog will be compelling to read, so enjoy.


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